After living in Italy for 18 years, we came back to Texas, bringing our favorite wines to share.


Meet The Family

The story of life, love and wine.

It all began over 20 years ago when Bill and Patty Sutherland sold all of their belongings and moved to Tuscany. Finding their true passion for adventure, they landed in a place of serene beauty and endless delights. Along the way, they met the most wonderful people, the people they now call family.

This is the same family that makes the highest quality Tuscan wines. They have shared the love of the vine for generations, from parents to children, and then to grandchildren. If you’ve never enjoyed an Italian wine, you are in for a treat. If you have, get ready to meet an old friend and join our Tuscan Wine family.

Get to know our Owners

For The Love of Food and Wine.

In 1998, when Bill and Patty arrived in Tuscany, they had not quite planned every step. Being quick on his feet Bill knew the answer, Tuscan Women Cook.

Together they built the first “Tuscan Women Cook” cooking school. Sharing the charm of Tuscany, they had the local women of the town teach guests to cook authentic Italian meals. From across the world, anyone could learn to cook in the true Tuscany style. The company grew, so did the family. Every guest became a friend, a family member, and held a special place in Bill and Patty’s heart.

What goes best with Tuscan cooking? Tuscan wine. Over the years of living, cooking, eating and drinking, Bill and Patty learned about the local wines and who made the best.

Once their adventure was over, they returned to Texas. But they were not quite done. Bill and Patty went back to Tuscany, talked with their favorite vintners and became determined to bring the experience back to Texas.

Today, you can come to the Andreucci Wines Tasting Room and enjoy Tuscan wine, shipped directly from their favorite vintners in Italy. Get the full experience with a private tasting that pairs Italian “Lite Bites” (antipasti, pasta and other amazing tastes) with each of the wines as suggested by the winemakers themselves.

Our Wines are Estate Bottled in Tuscany, Italy

Meet one of Our Wine Makers

A True Super Tuscan

In a region of extraordinary winemakers, Flavio Andreucci is one of the most extraordinary. Located in Tuscany, Italy, Flavio’s intense dedication and innovative approach to wine making have turned the eyes of the world onto his small Tenimenti Andreucci Winery and won him high praise.

Flavio's passion for wine making is rooted in his family, who has had a vineyard in Tuscany covering 4 centuries. He honors the family legacy with his wine label design which includes a copy of a bill of sale from Napoleon Bonaparte, who the Andreucci family supplied wine to in 1810.

Although he shows respect for tradition, Flavio is a true 21st-century winemaker. He focuses on using scientific analysis when it comes to farm work. He used all he learned from his geology degree from the University of Siena to plant his vineyard, not even breaking ground until he had carefully analyzed soils, calculated just the right positioning of the vines for the best exposure to sunlight and ventilation. His goal is to produce the highest quality of grapes he can.

Flavio built his winery adjoining his vineyard. Normally, harvested grapes arrive at a winery at least 4 or 5 hours after they've been picked, but Flavio's grapes are carried just meters in small crates to his winery for inspection, arriving no more than fifteen minutes after they've been picked. Each bunch is examined for approval. Even if one grape in the bunch is bad, they won’t use any of it.

Flavio’s wines have been honored at such prestigious spots as the Waldorf Astoria and the White House, yet he still retains the humbleness of a classic Tuscan farmer. Locals call him by his childhood nickname, "Chicco," which means grape.

Visit the Tasting Room to Experience Tuscany through Andreucci’s wines.

Wine Maker Flavio Andreucci

“This is about the land, under the sky, under God. We are working carefully, patiently to grow the best grapes.”


Nov 29 2017
Join us for a very special Grand Christmas Dinner. December 19, 2017, 6-9pm. With very limited seating, we will enjoy an 7-course meal, each paired with our fabulous Andreucci Wines.

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